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UN & NGOs launch $316m Fund to minimize COVID-19 Impact in Uganda

UN agencies in Uganda along with 20 local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have launched a $316m (Shs1.2 trillion) fund to support the country minimize the impact of COVID-19. UN will prioritize support to digital solutions as part of immediate solutions in the post Covid-19 era.

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium The appeal will mainly focus on the most vulnerable groups of people at least in the next six months. Developed by the UN in partnership with the government, NGOs, and Uganda Red Cross Society, the appeal was launched and immediately attracted a $2m (Shs75b) response from the Norwagian Embassy in Kampala.

The funds will be provided through health, food security, livelihood and nutrition, lifesaving services and social protection. Other areas will include refugees and displacement, immediate economic support and digital innovation, as well as coordination and common services.

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Uganda joined other countries such as Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and Zimbabwe that have made similar appeals seeking to ensure that people and the economy are protected from the impact of Covid-19.

Speaking during the launch, the UN Resident Coordinator, Ms Rosa Malango said, “The money will at least support about 12.8 million vulnerable people in Uganda whose lives have been impacted by Covid-19. These include the elderly, people living with disabilities, women and girls, refugees, widows, female-headed households, market women, street vendors, people living with HIV and TB, migrants and those displaced by natural disasters.”

The appeal, according to Rosa Malango, will also focus on pressing people to protect the environment, creation of food banks, regional silos and national food reserve coupled with access to markets and bringing digital solutions to the value chain.



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