Japanese – Cameroon synergy at the services of emergence.

Diplomatic relations between Japan and Cameroon were established on 1 January 1960, the date of Japan’s recognition of Cameroon.

Cameroon opened its Embassy in Tokyo in January 1988, and that of Japan in Yaoundé was opened in January 1991.

With a per capita GNI of US 1,210 in 2011, Cameroon was ranked 150 out of 187 countries in the 2011 UNDP Human Development Index. Japan’s help to Cameroon is mainly focused on ;

1) human resource development, 2) economic development, 3) rural and agricultural development. Furthermore, from the point of view of regional development, Japan supports 4) the upgrade of economic infrastructure and 5) the conversation of the environment.

Support entrepreneurs/start-ups in innovative agriculture

Support technological development and digital economy

Support promoting/popularizing Japanese & Cameroonian cultures

Support popularization of Sport/E-Sport in Cameroon & Japan