Here are some of our special fields of interventions, where we support and do promotions and popularization of different activities in both in Japan and Cameroon.

Innovating Agriculture

The primary sector is the most economically promising in Cameroon given the enormous amount of arable soils available to the country. The real concern is to be able to produce industrial quantities in a context where agricultural equipment is still rudimentary, which is the reason why the JCH NGO will encourage all young initiatives aimed at mechanizing, or digitizing agriculture in the region. Cameroon. In addition, we also intend to support all alternative agricultural projects that respect fair trade standards and, above all, sustainable development as prescribed by the UNO through the MDGs. Our ambition is to: Offer training scholarships in Japan in agricultural robotics to 05 young Cameroonian agro-entrepreneurs Organize awareness seminars in Cameroon on the importance of agricultural robotics Fund 02 promising alternative agriculture projects that respect the Sustainable Development Goals.

Technological development & digital economy

Considered a few decades ago to be very conservative and traditionalist, it is nevertheless thanks to high technology that Japan has been able to restore its image on the international scene and give a considerable boost to its mega-industrialization. We believe that this model of success can inspire Cameroonian youth and create a real technological revolution that will enable the country to impose itself on the African continent. Indeed, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, there are already more than a thousand of Start-ups in Cameroon, but they do not really benefit from technical, material and even financial support. JCH intends to: offer 05 training scholarships in Japan in Drone assembly Organize 02 training seminars for young coders and web developers. Provide material, technical and financial support to 02 startups with high industrial and technological potential.

Promotion of Japanese-Cameroon culture

Japanese culture is one of the most appreciated by young people in Cameroon; in fact, there is a community of more than 600,000 “Ota ku”; they are indeed pure fanatics of mangas and Japanese culture. Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Street-Fighter, Teken etc. Are Japanese works adored in Cameroon since 1990. More than 10 million Cameroonians are exposed to Mangas every day. The big difficulty lies in the fact that there is no platform in Cameroon where they can not only exchange their respective experiences, but also develop their talent and love of drawing, language, but also the history of the Empire of the Rising Sun. We intend to solve this through the organization in Cameroon of the International Forum of Japan-Africa Friendship (FIANA) during which a large pavilion will be reserved for the promotion of the “Jap-anime” culture that we will name: « the village of Mangas ». We also plan to lay the foundations for a fundraising campaign for the construction in Cameroon of the very first Japanese Cameroonian cultural and sports center.

Popularisation of sports in Cameroon & Japan

Sports relations between Cameroon and Japan have a long history. Indeed, sports such as Judo, Aikido or Karate are widely practiced by young Cameroonians. Regarding football, which is the most practiced sport, the teams of Cameroon and Japan have met several times either in the confederation cup or in the world cup. The JCH aims to establish a climate of improved sports cooperation through mini-tournaments that will enable young Cameroonian athletes to benefit from advanced training courses in Japan and vice versa in the medium term. We also intend to provide financial, material and human support for E-Sport initiatives led by young Cameroonians. Indeed, E-sport or electronic sport is a mode of sporting competition that allows players to compete virtually through a console, a computer or even a mobile device. In Asia, E-Sport has become such a popular discipline that some E-Gamers (practitioners) are paid more than professional footballers. In Cameroon there is a community of more than 1,000,000 gamers.