Visual Identity

JAPAN – CAMEROON – HOPE: "Hope" in English means hope; our NGO's vision is to contribute to the development of the fraternal relationship between Japan and Cameroon by bringing a wind of hope, dynamism and youth. It is in this logic that the name JCH is adopted. The terms JAPAN and CAMEROON, already reveal this friendship and fraternity between the two nations.

The Logo

The JCH logo illustrates two hands of different colours that come together to form a heart within which a circle can be seen forming a Yin and yang in the colours of the flags of Cameroon and Japan This graphic set materializes more the idea for us to highlight not only the friendship between the two countries, but also the complementarity in view of a certain emergence.

The Signature

“Japanese-Cameroon Synergy at the service of emergence” we clearly mark through this signature the importance of our mission, but above all of our commitment to a peaceful business climate between the two nations.